Angle adjustable display panel
Massage side rail
Cup holder
Dual cushion deck
Soft drop

01.plastic: can be color coating.
02.pulse: can be hand or none.
03.walking deck: can be regular or PU cushion or hi-quality deck.
04.motor: can beĀ  1.85 hp or 2.5 hp(cont).
05.hand rail: can be dual function or moving sensor or none.
06.side rail: can be wood or PVC.

Motor hp cont.: dc 1.85 hp (04)
Display windows: LCD+LED
Pulse: yes(02)
Speed: 0-16 km
Incline: manual
Foldable : yes
Safety key: yes
Quick buttons: yes
Walking deck: RC (03)
Running belt: 400 x 1320 mm
Programs: 3 presets(30levels)
Race track: 400m
Side rail: wood + massage (06)
Machine size (mm):1500*770*1340mm
Carton size (mm):1660*805*320mm
Nw/gw:64/76 KGS
Cuft:16.040 container/sets:120