DSC cushion system
PU handle bar
Step counter
Aluminum side rail.
Rubber anti-slip
High fidelity mp3 audio system
Art design
Wireless step counter computer
Dynamic suspension cushion
Cooling system
USB interface
Ac treadmill

1. Plastic : can be color coating.
2. Pulse : can be hand or chest belt or none.
3. Walking deck : can be regular cushion or hi-quality deck.
4. Hand rail : can be dual function or moving sensor or none.
5. Air purifier.
6. Wireless headphone

Motor hp cont.:ac3.0 hp
Display windows : LCD backlight
Pulse : yes (02)
Speed : 0.8 – 18km
Incline : power
Foldable : yes
Safety key : yes
Quick buttons : yes
Heart rate control : yes